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How should we grow?
Where should we grow?

We need your voice.

During 2018's Community Planning process, the citizens of Bentonville collectively prioritized thoughtful growth as a pressing concern for our next ten to twenty years. Now, in response, we're launching a community conversation around exactly what that looks like.


It's called Plan Bentonville and over the coming year, we'll be asking a series of questions about how and where we want to grow. What character do we want to cultivate? How do we want our streets to feel and function? Where in the city should we encourage desired growth and where do we seek to preserve the qualities we love?

You'll be along every step of the way with plenty of opportunities to weigh in and share your views, fully detailed on this website as we move forward. In the end we'll emerge with a refined Future Land Use Plan to guide us on the road ahead. From there, we'll move into Phase 2 — updating our zoning code — to ensure that the rules that govern our local development are aligned with the community aspirations we're mapping now.



Miss our last surveys?

New surveys, as they're released, will be posted here.


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