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Zoning Code Update

A vision protected

Phase 1 of Plan Bentonville — the Future Land Use Plan — will establish a vision for how and where we want to grow in the future. But a vision alone carries little value if the rules that govern our development produce something altogether different.

In Phase 2 — our Zoning Code Update — we'll avoid this fate by aligning our zoning regulations with the outcomes we've envisioned. The result will be two complementary tools working together to ensure that the development we want is the development we get.

Stay tuned for increasingly detailed content as Phase 1 comes to a close.

The Deep Dive: The Plan Bentonville process is rooted in the 2018 Community Plan. Phase 1, specifically, will involve updating Chapter 4 of the plan (Land Use and Strategic Growth) to reflect current conditions and aspirations, then producing a new Future Land Use Plan and map to visualize its policy goals. Phase 2 involves zoning code updates to ensure that our development regulations moving forward are fully aligned with our long-term Land Use and Strategic Growth objectives.

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