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Here We Go: ‘Design Week’ kicks off Saturday, Feb. 24

Help create the future you want to see.

Plan Bentonville, our 18-month process addressing the city’s future growth, takes another step forward this Saturday with the launch of ‘Design Week,’ a six day stretch of collaborative input, ideas and revision. 

The week will be characterized by two types of events: 

Pop-up gatherings are an opportunity for residents and others, in the course of their daily routines, to share thoughts on the city’s future growth. There’ll be a total of 10 such events spread across the community over the course of four days.

Open houses are where you can see and comment on various proposals taking shape over the course of the week. The first open house will present a variety of ideas and related information for your review and comment. The second will reflect revisions based on those comments and offer another opportunity for your input. The open houses have no fixed program so drop by any time during the two hour window.

You can view the full schedule here:

Be a Part of It

Current projections show Bentonville’s population rising steadily in the years ahead. How can we, together, obtain the greatest possible benefit from such growth? How can we leverage and channel it to preserve our natural assets while creating a stronger, more connected, more prosperous community?

Plan Bentonville ‘Design Week’ is your opportunity to help figure that out. We hope to see you.



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